Bridal Booking Terms & Conditions


In paying the booking fee (deposit) you are entering into the following agreement:

  1. The booking fee (deposit) is non-refundable under any circumstance and relates solely to the wedding day booking. It covers the costs of any administration/correspondence carried out relating to the booking and serves as commitment to the date by both parties. 
  2. The final balance is due no later than one week before the wedding date. 
  3. The booking is subject to a minimum value as outlined in the agreed quote. If the numbers in the party drop to a level where the minimum value isn’t met, the booking can still be fulfilled but the minimum value will still be payable. 
  4. More people can be added to the booking at a later date (subject to timings etc), and the per person price will remain at the agreed quoted price. Please advise of any additional people no later than a week before the wedding so that they can be approved and the schedule and final balance can be finalised. Please note that for quality and time purposes I currently work to a max capacity of 5.
  5. The trial is a separate service (booked and paid separately on the day of the trial) and is not related in any way to the wedding booking. Should the wedding be cancelled after the trial has occurred, the payment for the trial will not be refunded.
  6. The trial price applies to the initial (first) trial only. Any subsequent trials after the first trial will be subject to the current trial price, which may be different from the original trial price quoted. 
  7. In the extremely unlikely event that I should be unable to fulfil the booking (due to illness, family bereavement, force majeure etc – this hasn’t happened yet!) I will provide as much notice as reasonably possible and will endeavour to suggest an alternative makeup artist. Where that is the case a full refund of the booking fee (deposit) will apply. If an alternative makeup artist is used their terms and conditions will apply and I will be in no way responsible for them or the work they carry out on the day.
  8. In the unlikely event that the booking should be cancelled for whatever reason by anyone other than me, the following will apply:
  • if the wedding is cancelled less than 2 months before the wedding date, 40% of the final balance will be due.
  • if the wedding is cancelled less than 1 month before the wedding date, 70% of the final balance will be due.
  • the booking fee is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another service.